Speaking of Women's Rights...: Claiming "heroes"

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Claiming "heroes"

Legal Voice has an auction coming up on October 17, and we recently picked a theme for the event: “Heroes.”

Legal Voice Executive Director and blogger Lisa Stone looked up the definition the other day, and as she observed “Why did I not think more carefully before voting for "heroes"? Who knew the damn definition was so gendered?”

If feminists can reclaim a word like “bitch,” can we PUH-LEEZE get to work on claiming “hero” too? (I would say that terms like “heroine” and “sheroes” don’t quite cut it for our purposes.)

As far as kick-ass women in mass media go, I can think of a government official (who put 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling), some funny ladies, a writer and a news anchor that I’d call heroes. Jezebel even came up with 20 feminist TV characters who could qualify as heroes. (They forgot Maude, though. Update: Just kidding! Maude is FIRST ON THE LIST. Duh.)

Who are your heroes?


  1. good work, absolutely you must work hard to claim women's right to be heroes. Why should this word be solely a male preserve? Of course it is quite deliberate, as language evolved it was never intended for women to share the limelight.

    This is too often the case with words, words are powerful and they are mostly patriarchized. I call bullshit.

    in no particular order, real female heroes...

    Elizabeth I of England
    Hillary Clinton
    Amelia Earheart
    Amy Johnson
    Eleanor Roosevelt
    Aung San Su Kyi
    Helen Sharman
    Sally Ride

    OTOH, I am sure there are many more but just to get you started!

  2. HILLARY. RODHAM. CLINTON!!!!!!!!!! I really can't think of too many others. A ton in general, but not famous ones. and a ton of famous ones for randome reason, but i would have to really think to name them. :)

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    Anyway I thought it was a good post.

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